Mo McRoberts

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First run

Hello, my name is Metas. If you would like, I can speak out loud to you as well.

Would you like me to speak? I can be quiet whenever you need me to be.

Just say or type 'yes' or no', or words to that effect.

> yes

Would you like to choose what kind of voice I have?

70% of people seem to prefer the British female voice. 

If you would like me to use the British female voice, just say 'that's fine'. If you'd rather choose, just say 'a different one'.

> that's great, thanks

Hi. How does that sound?

If you can't hear anything, check your volume controls and say 'try again'. Otherwise, just tell me that it sounds fine.

> sounds good

I'm pleased to hear that.

Have you used Metas before, or would you like a guided tour of what I can do?

> I've used you before

No problem. I'll be here when you need something.