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Mar 3

Weeknotes #5

  • It was a week of playing catch-up after quite a frantic fortnight. On the plus side, my inbox is no longer the e-mail equivalent of a garden which has become completely overrun with weeds.
  • We had our K&L Connected Studio judging session this week, characteristically via video-conference. Happily, we reached consensus in the time we’d set aside for it, and didn’t have any huge disagreements along the way. All of the the teams from all three sites will hear from the central Connected Studio team fairly soon whether they’ve been successful.
  • On Wednesday, I spent the morning at UWS seeing how the students I’m mentoring are getting on. Some good progress in the games they’re developing, and some decent constructive discussion about the areas they’re having problems with.
  • In non-work news, I threw together LODscope, a simple linked data browser. It’s open source, if you’re that way inclined.
  • And in the same vein, after eighteen months of sitting on a domain name and some very embryonic code, I finally deployed the first cut at Yawdle, which I hope I can turn into a sort of dmoz-for-linked data. There aren’t many data sources up yet, but I’ll be adding more.

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